Tax exemption calculator


Insert your information and we will calculate for free your Federal and State taxes!

Nationality indicated in your passport, if you have different passports indicate the main one.
Indicate month and year, of your arrival.
Box 1 of W-2 indicates wages, tips and other compensation. Box 2 of form 1042-S indicates gross income exempted by a tax treaty.
If apply, check also on your from 1042-S the box "Federal tax withheld", and eventually specify the amount indicated.
If apply, check also on your from 1042-S the box “State income tax withheld”, and eventually specify the amount indicated.
Find this amount on your Form 1099-G. If you did not receive it, just check if you receive any refunding from your State last year. Don't report Federal refunding.
Ask to your host institute if you do not know this information.
To calculate the value of your bank account/s, convert in $ using the end of the year conversion rate. For Euro to $ use: 1 Euro = 1,0934 $.
Your occupation is indicated on box 4 of your DS-2019 (certificate of eligibility for exchange visitor).
Your visa is indicated in your DS-2019 as well as in your passport.
If you arrived in U.S. more than two years ago you can declare your incomes together with your Spouse (advised option)
Resident alien, green card holder, U.S. citizen.
A dependent is someone that live with you and depend on you for his/her economic support.