If you are not a U.S. citizen and you are doing research in the public interest there are great chances that you could benefit of a tax treaty for up to 5 years. Using a tax treaty you will discount your federal and state tax of thousands of $. You could earn up to 9000 $ just doing the right things.

There are several exemptions and different way to file your tax. But if you are not American and you are teaching or doing research in the public interest, the situation is quite simple. We want to help you to find the easiest way to do it and the best way to save money. Be aware that: 1) Turbotax is thought for American citizens and will not work well for you (you could not claim exemption for tax treaty) ; 2) Most of the tax preparer does not know how to claim exemption for aliens, and even if they know they will ask you several hundred of $; 3) Your friend, colleagues or institution of research/teaching/training could ignore the Tax Treaties between your country and U.S. They could give you wrong information, letting you lose a lot of money. Let us calculate for you how much you could earn after tax refunding.

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